A Model Student

Reminiscing is something I seem to excel in. In fact it's one of the only things I do even remotely well in. Maybe it's because I'm becoming old and like the adverts from my youth, I'll soon be explaining to some good for nothing kids that things were a lot better back in my day whilst begrudgingly handing out Werther's Originals. Who knows…


But here's a brief recollection of the past 12 months:


Why the past 12 months you might wonder, whilst departing this page to find out if they still make Werther's Originals (they do). Well, the past year has been an incredibly fascinating and thrilling adventure. Having decided to enter the treacherous world of model photography I now look back with a feeling that I, somewhat surprisingly, haven't done half bad. Now for me that is a very out-of-character statement to make. I try to avoid being happy with anything I do, possibly as some kind of sadomasochistic self motivation.


When I go back through my work over a year of real ups and downs and can't help but smile.


Firstly because I really have given everything I could to progress every time I deployed the shutter. From spending literally days reading into the mechanics of photography to laying in freezing puddles in february to get the angle I thought would look best, I haven't held back whatsoever. 


Secondly, the people I have met along the road. Not just the pretty, pretty models. But I have had the pleasure of meeting some incredible photographers, makeup artists and even random passers-by. I will have a little thank you at the bottom of this so names will be named.


It isn't to be said I haven't had some troubles. Arrogant, rude or just plain stupid are but compliments for a slim minority I have had the pleasure of dealing with and I'm pretty sure similar may have been said about me at some time or another. 


But these minor setbacks have been incredibly useful in the progression and evolution of my journey into the painfully crowded world of shutter bugs.


So from my first shoot with Caitlin, through to my last (at time of posting) with the wonderful Harry May, I'd just like to say, It's been emotional!

Here is the previously mentioned list of awesome, wonderful, and beautiful people that have made the good times great, the bad times good and have kept me smiling for this, a marvellous year indeed…


Kate Harvey; So painfully underrated as a model. A beautiful person with a personality to match. And someone I've photographed more than anyone else.

Shawn Bishop; He's been an inspiration, a tutor, an arch enemy and a great friend all rolled into one slightly-too-tall package.

Dan Latter; Proof that there are photographers who understand the meaning of being humble and honest. Again, massively underrated! (Mainly by himself)

Helen Stephens; The first shoot I came away just thinking "WOW!!". She really is the definition of awesome!

Sarah Pearce; Just Insane!

Dita Madison; Great model, remarkable accent!

Zuki Jai; Beautiful, beautiful person.

Anita De Bauch; One of the best models in the country and a bloody good chat too!

Most importantly, Jamila (my wife); Anyone who has shot with me will know how much value I put in Jamila's contribution to my work. And how much banter we have to go through to get the job done!

This isn't everyone, so apologies for any offence caused.