As promised, it's new blog time and I'm delivering you with some images from Saturday the 3rd's shoot. 

We met Dita (our model) on an almost uncomfortably hot afternoon. With a message from Dita stating 'improvise', we were relatively without a plan. I, possibly like many other photographers, have 'go to' setups for when inspiration is less than forthcoming or I am at the end of a very hard week. One of these is Richmond Park. I first shot there last winter, following the deer from Kingston to Roehampton in the snow, which yielded some lovely photos and memories.

So on picking up our model from Kingston train station, we headed over. Blessed with great light, but cursed with too many bloody cyclists, we were all in good spirit. After the short drive in which we put all the problems of British politics to bed, we arrived at Pembroke Lodge. As a probably bland side-note, this was where my wife and I held our wedding reception. 

We headed into the greenery and began shooting. Dita has a lovely smile and  seriously intense eyes. Between shots we discussed her half Polish/half Welsh accent (Comedy Gold). An outfit change (and a peculiar encounter for me involving a man washing his ankles by a water-fountain) later, we had gotten what was intended from the park.Next stop was Kingston Bridge.

The light was just getting better and better. Fortunately we we're shooting well away from the cyclist infested road, however, we came across a new evil entirely.... 

Whilst setting up a fairly difficult shot, a local 'model/photographer' (crackhead/working lady) decided to engage us in ever so interesting discussion. Asking for her photo to be taken and exposing herself really added something to the shoot that was in no way wanted/required/necessary.

We finished up on the bridge itself. Got my favorite image there. And wrapped up an amazing time with a hot chocolate and a panini before Dita headed home.  

All in all it was bloody fantastic. London never does disappoint...