Make me a believer!

This is a reactionary blog! Something that I said I wouldn't do in my new years resolution! So forgive me if I seem to be enjoying this a little too much, but like the first cigarette of the year, this is gonna be a real guilty treat!

When I scroll through various social media and forums, mainly populated by people seeking or enjoying a career in a creative industry, there appears a somewhat awkward elephant in the room. Even in direct conversation with acquaintances in the artistic end of things, the same elephant sits smack bang in the middle of our exchange;

The over ambitious lie!

I understand that everyone may embellish, reorder or invent pieces of their life. Some for protection, some for self esteem and some to manoeuvre into a higher position in their career (e.g. every CV in the world ever). This isn't something I have a huge issue with. I would prefer the world were a much more honest place where people were free to express fear, love, anger or confusion without consequence of ridicule or isolation. After all, social media exists almost solely for people to exclaim opinion on one thing or another. I understand the pretence of the lie and I hold nothing against anyone who feels ashamed enough about something that they may want to help manipulate history verbally or otherwise.

Here's the one thing I ask of everyone...

Please God, please make it believable!!!

In the past couple of years, lets say, dealing with photographers/models/MUA etc. I have read some of the most audacious and ambitious fibs that have all been released like the flying monkeys of Oz to attack the common sense of insecurity. An amateur from Chepstow claiming to be shooting for Victorias Secret after they liked that one image he got in focus. A woman trying to make her way into the modelling world who, after shooting 4 times with a guy she was sleeping with, claimed on FB to have hired a PA to cover her admin requirements. "Shooting for a huge international client", "struggling to answer thousands of messages" or "booked until 2022".

This is all cling-film-nonsense. 100% see-through!

If you are going to use your abundance of free time to try and convince random members of the public that you have no free time, maybe don't also use your time sharing "which Friends character are you?" quiz results. You can't be Donald Trump and Monica Bing all at once.

My main issue is with the "Here is a note to say I don't have time for all my messages" posts. Maybe spend the time you use once a week to explain why you can't answer messages, to actually answer messages. If you were as in demand as you claim you are, you would have people to deal with this and therefore wouldn't need the post in the first place. Please see the irony that you are misusing time to prove that you don't have enough time!

Please above all else, if you plan to bullshit, make it believable!

Right, I'm off to shoot a special edition of the Pirelli Calendar in Chiswick!