What's bad for the heart...

Slightly deep blog warning...

I am a complete stickler for a good quote. I love the written word and I love peoples insight into things I am naive to. Yesterday whilst lazily flicking through instagram I came across a quote that really struck a chord;

"What's bad for your heart is good for your art".

Now to find a tenuous link to make me feel like this is directly aimed at me and me alone!

Well, 8 years ago I suffered a relatively mild heart attack at the age of 19. Actually 1 month short of my 20th birthday. This came after months of illness at the hands of a relatively rare and embarrassingly named virus. It was a really difficult time and living alone and working very long hours didn't make things much of joy to be honest. For years my brother had made passing comments about me being too much of a worrier and that I was going to have a heart attack if I didn't calm it down. Only time I will say this, but he was right. Regardless of the illness, I was going to end up buckling at some point. But I want to say why that is a good thing.

No matter how bad the lows get, no matter how strong the self hate becomes and no matter how  endless the feeling seems, I would not trade it for how I feel on the good days. Maybe its the peaks and troughs scenario or maybe its because people who are more in tune with their emotions are more susceptible to amazing highs and devastating lows. But I know I would rather have the bad days than feel nothing at all. The ups and downs feed the creative soul whether we always like the process or not, and it's an amazing feeling to be able to channel past nightmares and use them to move forward.

So this blog started with a quote and seems fitting I end it with one of my favourite quotes;

"The best way out is always through." Robert Frost