New Years Revolution / 2016 in 5

2016 was a year of famous people expiring far too early, of surprising & world changing political votes. Of terror, fear, hate and new Star Wars.

It was also a year of fairly rapid growth for me in a business sense and as I am just about starting my fourth year as a photographer, I am infinitely excited by the possibilities of what comes next!

So what has playing with a camera for 4 years taught me? Mostly how unimportant the camera is when photographing people! 

I have spent the last two years running workshops and tuition sessions on everything from basic lighting to marketing, and whilst I am a self-proclaimed learner at just about anything and everything in life & an expert in absolutely nothing, I cannot help but make some observations on what banana skins there are for people to go out of their way to slip on! If you want to dedicate your life to a creative medium, in my case photography, immersion is a must. But where it all falls apart for so many is that the lure of immersion in either convenience or consumerism!

So if you're a photographer working hard to cut out your own space in this congested and demanding world and you haven't made your new years resolution just yet, please consider this;

1. You won't become a better photographer through laziness or making excuses for yourself!

2. No piece of equipment on this Earth is the difference between you being a day-1-amateur and becoming a master of your craft! Nothing you can buy will do that! 

The mentality that you can excuse yourself for not giving 100% or that you are incapable of producing better work without spending money is everything wrong with modern artistic ideals. We live in the most advanced time ever to do anything, fact! It is infinitely easier to produce art and expose the world to that work than it ever has been. You have no reason to not be improving at an exponential rate with everything you have available to you, right now! 

If you aren't where you want to be in your photography right now, it is entirely your own fault! The fact that I am not where I want to be is entirely my own fault! And that is the most exciting part to me in all of this.

So quit your whining, moaning, bitching and excuses, take a really hard look at your work & your excuses, and attack 2017 the way 2016 attacked celebrities!

With all of that said, here are my five favourite images from 2016 (in order 1-5)

And I fully intend on producing so much better work in the coming year, that these aren't even in my portfolio! 

Happy New Year everybody