10 Fashion Photographers You Should Be Following

Here is a list of my absolute favourite fashion photographers right now. The photographers that I most look forward to seeing new images, following their evolution and sourcing inspiration from their creativity and style!

10 Fashion Photographers You Should Be Following

  1. Jeff Tuliniemi: From his cyan-tinged editorials to his moody polaroids, I start this list with the not-so-local, local guy. I met Jeff a couple of years back when I first started with a camera and he just oozed positivity, creativity and class. His colour-grading alone puts him head and shoulders above most. My personal favourites of Jeff's work is his editorial "Moonlit Reminiscence", featured in Flawless Magazine. www.jtuliniemi.com
  2. Khoa Bui: Woodland Hills, California based photographer and cinematographer was actually brought to my attention by Jeff Tuliniemi. His audacious styling, ridiculous colour work and out-there wide angles create some of the most grabbing and bold images and videos that can be found anywhere! www.khoabui.com
  3. Glenn Norwood: The king of gels. I found Glenn on instagram a year or so back and have found myself scrolling through his back catalogue more than a few times since. Every piece of new work coming from Glenn somehow manages to both hold his edgy style but also remain fresh and exciting. Harder than you'd think! www.norwoodphotography.co.uk
  4. Michael Woloszynowicz: Maybe known more for his beauty work or retouch videos than his fashion work, Michael's a lighting master and has a portfolio full of effortless, simple elegance. The Toronto-based wizard has a fantastic tutorial with RGGedu that I can highly recommend! www.vibrantshot.com
  5. Emily Soto: The reason I photograph people rather than landscapes! I stumbled upon Emily's soft and beautiful fashion portraits on youtube and was instantly sure that this was the kind of work I wanted to chase! In recent years, her work has moved more towards film, polaroids and vintage lenses, all whilst keeping her distinguished and delicate style. www.emilysoto.com
  6. Sophie Black: A very recent find on 500px, I cannot recommend enough that you spend an hour really going through everything that Sophie has to offer. I cannot even describe her style as there are so many twists and turns, stylistic variances and moods galore. Go and check her work out right now! www.500px.com/sophieblack
  7. Voodica: Another 500px find, Polish photographer and retoucher Voodica is another chameleon of many a style, but at their very best when creating beautiful, painterly portraits. The amazing part of their work is that whilst there are many photographers out there that work within this style, Voodica's work always stands above the rest. A masterclass in expression, styling and composition. voodica.tumblr.com
  8. Alessandro Di Cicco: You have already seen a lot of Alessandro's work, even if you don't realise it. www.diciccophotography.com
  9. Maryna Khomenko: A fantastical mix of fine art and simplicity. I have a real hatred for the word "conceptual" when applied to photography, mainly due to it being tacked on to anyone who repeats the tired old cliche's stolen from other parts of popular culture whilst a whispy ginger model "levitates" in a field. However, Maryna has some stunning takes on expanding simple ideas and executes them with class and grace. Beautiful work! www.500px.com/manirka
  10. Adamo de Pax: Another Canadian genius whose work beams with warmth and attitude. As with so many amazing fashion photographers, Adamo is a colour grading master who takes seemingly simple lighting and creates genuine drama and beauty. His commercial work is a masterclass on the subject and his beauty work is just so damn cool! www.adamodepax.com

Hopefully this has introduced you to some new names and portfolios to inspire and drive you forward! 

Who would you recommend? Tell me in the comments.