10 Portrait Photographers You Should Be Following

Well we've already covered 10 of my favourite Fashion Photographers, now it is the turn of their Portraiture comrades! The following 10 photographers have all found unique and captivating ways to capture the essence of their subject and convey mood and emotion (seemingly) effortlessly.

  1. Joanna Kustra: Polish-born, Spain based Joanna has created and constantly built upon a stunning portfolio of bold and colourful portraits. Whilst it is actually easy to argue that Joanna could make a similar list for many other genre's of photography (especially fashion and beauty), it is within portraiture that Ms Kustra demonstrates serious style and inspiration. www.joannakustra.com
  2. Lods Franck: There are a few photographers on this list that are so influential on me that they changed the way I looked at my entire working practice and portfolio. Lods is one of these guys! Extremely detailed, cinematic, beautifully colour-graded images that demonstrate not only a technical gift but also a real emotional connection to the subject. www.fl-photostudio.fr
  3. Agatha Serge: If I could be any another photographer, inherit their talent and portfolio, Agata Serge would be that photographer. You will never find someone more adept with freckles, a 35mm lens and monochrome, ever! Go follow her work, you're welcome! www.agataserge.com
  4. Alessio Albi: Refined, dappled and dark. Alessio Albi's style may be very commonly seen in other portfolios. But no-one has come even close to creating such a consistent yet varied body of work. Wonderful colour and control of natural light in all its glory. www.alessioalbiphotography.com
  5. Ryan Muirhead: Now, I first found Ryan on Youtube, on a series called film. The series was incredibly difficult to watch because for every moment where a true artist like Ryan was pouring his heart out about his process of the details of his own personal experiences, there were two other hosts constantly vying for airtime by being as loud and faux-random as possible. I would strongly recommend watching the series and obviously following Ryan's work. On a technical level, I truly believe Ryan is the most complete photographer I have ever seen and the fact he can combine this with amazing such delicate expression and passion is truly a very rare gift. He is the Jimi Hendrix of portraiture! www.ryanmuirhead.com
  6. Irene Rudnyk: You can find Irene on youtube with a whole bunch of great BTS and tutorial videos. Rather than harp on and on, I will just say that Ms Rudnyk has a set of images in her portfolio that I think are the best images that have ever been created in that style. I'll leave you to hunt them down. www.irenerudnykphotography.com
  7. Georgy Chernyardyev: There is an argument to be made that almost all popular portrait shooters are simply trying to replicate the work of this Moscow master. It could also be argued that there isn't another photographer so capable of harnessing just about every type of lighting and creating something anywhere near to this standard. If you photograph people, you should be a follower. www.imwarrior.ru
  8. Lukas Wawrzinek: Because of course there is a German! Lukas' work reminds me so much of the cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki. I am not sure if anyone is able to hold my attention with a single frame as long as either of those men. Mind blowing artists! Find their work over at 500px.com
  9. Anja Schonitz: Another German! Anja's work is a masterclass in negative space, compositional headroom and colour theory. The literal definition of environmental portraiture! www.kettenkarussell-photography.de
  10. Olesya Gulyaeva: If I am ever considering giving up photography, this is the portfolio that brings me back in. Finding beauty in just about any location, Olesya is in my top 5 photographers of any genre. Incredible work! Find their work over at 500px.com

They are mine, who are yours? Tell me in the comments! 

Thanks for reading.